Get to know what women like in men to make sure you are the best

Thanks to the internet, finding love has never been simpler than it is now. It may be as simple as filling out a compatibility questionnaire or swiping right if you prefer. Online profiles, on the other hand, don’t always tell the entire picture, and meeting up with someone you met online might lead to some surprising findings. It’s critical to get to know the real person behind the profile, and before deciding whether or not to commit to someone, you need to know what you want in a relationship and what they want in a companion.

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Certified psychotherapists say that every successful relationship is built on a foundation of fundamental, everyday characteristics. While physical looks and sexual chemistry are early signs of compatibility, there are a few more crucial, must-have traits that women seek for in the guy they expect to spend the rest of their lives with—characteristics that are less likely to disappear with time.

While no two women are the same, researchers have created a list of eight essential qualities that all women seek in a guy. Continue reading if you’re seeking some advice.

Top personality traits of men

Let’s quickly go through the most attractive and exciting character peculiarities that make any woman fall in love with a man. This is needed to make sure you all behave properly and know how to keep your relationship at the highest level. Follow these rules to achieve success at ease.

Always be confident

When a man believes in himself, understands who he is, and knows what he wants, it’s very appealing to a woman, and she can usually tell just by looking at him.

Accepting yourself as you are and believing that you are worth spending time getting to know is what it means to be self-assured. Women respond to a confident man’s cheerful and positive energy in the world, as long as that confidence does not turn arrogant. If a guy does not feel the need to compete with or denigrate others in order to lift himself up, it will go a long way toward drawing a woman’s attention.

You have to be a person she can rely on

A woman perceives a man who is trustworthy and honest to be more appealing and desirable. He’s someone worth pursuing if he’s trustworthy, honest, true, and speaks from the heart. “Trust and trustworthiness allow relationships to grow,” says Degges-White. After all, a woman needs to know that she can rely on her spouse just as much as he should be able to rely on her if the relationship is to last.

Be honest

Integrity is described as having a strong moral character and the capacity to act in a morally upright manner. Women desire a man who is honest, ethical, and trustworthy. In terms of relationships, having integrity may help men strengthen their bonds with women by directing their behavior and aiding them in being the best partners they can be. If a man’s integrity extends beyond the partnership and he can treat others honestly and with care, he gets bonus points.

Think about other people

A man who is empathetic and empathic has an advantage when it comes to courting women. Women want a partner with whom they can be completely honest, whether it’s about a bad day at work or their deepest desires and fears. Empathy is the capacity to understand another person’s point of view and empathize with their situation. Women are drawn to men who have the ability and desire to show compassion and care for others.

Don’t hide your emotions

Women appreciate a man who is emotionally open and straightforward rather than one who is emotionally closed off and unreachable. While expressing oneself totally and honestly may seem strange or uncomfortable at first, it is necessary to be able to expose a sensitive, emotional, and human aspect of oneself in order to form a lasting relationship. Women prefer a man who isn’t afraid to speak and share his true feelings over one who keeps it all bottled up inside. Yes, this might occasionally require rehashing prior relationships and divulging personal information.

Respect your partner

In order to have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship, both parties must treat one other with respect. If a woman feels she is being used, discarded, or abused by a man, she would most likely terminate the relationship in order to avoid a broken heart. “When a person feels abused or patronized, a relationship is more likely to end sooner rather than later,” Degges-White says. A woman will be more attracted to a man who is concerned about her well-being and treats her with dignity.

A little joke can do a great help

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian or a comedy writer to draw a woman’s attention, but being able to laugh at yourself and have a sense of humor is highly appealing. When two people laugh at the same thing, they’re basically saying, ‘I share your point of view, your values, and most definitely your sense of humor.’ This isn’t just a claim; it’s the result of scientific research. According to Hall’s studies on the link between humor and romance, the more a man attempts to be funny, and the more a woman laughs at his jokes, the more romantically attracted she is. 1 It’s basic physics that a man who radiates a joyful, lighthearted, and good energy into the world will attract women.

Show that you are mature enough

You’ve probably mastered adulthood if you have any of the following qualities. It’s essential to show a woman that you’re not just emotionally mature and capable of keeping a line of communication open, but also cognitively mature and capable of acting like a grown-up when the time comes. You may show this by thinking rationally, without overreacting and cooperating to solve problems after a comprehensive discussion. That’s not to say you can’t have a good time and be silly with your friends, because vulnerability is a sign of maturity in and of itself.

Take initiative into your hands

All women like when you act instead of just asking and planning. This is probably the question of responsibility because as long as you make decisions you are responsible for all consequences. As a man, you are supposed to do this because you are a defender — a person who takes all the strikes and problems. However, you have to listen to your partner and take her opinion into consideration to avoid becoming a simple egoist who doesn’t care what another person desires. This is not a simple technique, and you must find the balance to do everything right. But this always works great, so make sure you know what to do and you do it. 

Don’t stop

Life usually cages us with routine and everyday obligations, making us boring and depressed. This is what happens too often in family life, actually. And no one wants to live with a person who stopped improving oneself, searching for something new and interesting, and doing something helpful. No progress means regress, as you well know. Thus, if you want to have a good relationship, you have to work and keep your ambitions. Otherwise, a long break can lead to consequences you don’t want to deal with.

Overcome your fears

We all have bad experiences, traumas, and so on. Don’t let your past have an influence on your today’s life. Even though you face something terrible before, you have to move on and try to make your life and the life of your partner better. Don’t blame your girlfriend for mistakes that your ex-girlfriend did. If you have some unpleasant stories, it doesn’t mean they will repeat someday.


Being a real man is complicated and requires a lot of energy and strength. This is not a simple task that you can complete just because you were born a male. It’s something you need to grow inside yourself. And women feel this — how hard you try to establish the most wonderful conditions for both of you. Therefore, they help you and give you even more so that you can keep doing your best. Such a co-working is called relationships based on love, respect, and deep understanding of each other.