The question of money in dating

Dating is not a simple phenomenon because it includes a great variety of factors and elements you have to take into consideration to make everything go well. Even if you have already found a suitable person who shares your beliefs and interests, you still have to think about many details. One of such details is, of course, money. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, money can still be a problem for you because it’s not always about an opportunity to afford a pricey restaurant or something like this. People usually don’t know how to behave when it comes to money. Should you pay for everything as a man? Is ok to split the bill on the first date? Such questions are bothering the minds of single people who are going on a date, since very old times.
a couple on a date

That’s why we decided to answer the most common questions and tell you what you should do in different situations. This article will help you feel more confident and comfortable. Learn the most helpful pieces of advice that specialists have gathered for you to ensure the best date for you and your partner.  

Planning the date

There is usually a lot of dining out and other scheduled activities in the early stages of a dating relationship. While this is a great time, it is all too simple for money  — paying for activities — to lead to embarrassing situations. Here, we discuss several strategies to prevent that awkwardness; it’s simply a list of actions we’ve noticed in guys that have the potential to make their female partner uncomfortable. It’s not like girls can’t do this, but it seems like guys are more likely to get into such situations This isn’t about who should pay for what, or whether males should be required to pay or anything like that. I’m only commenting on actions that I’ve seen that may be considered impolite.

Let’s begin with some advice on setting the date. When a man suggests an outing, I find it quite off-putting when he says, “take you out.” It’s a money reference, and even the most well-intentioned guys do it; they use that phrase as a code that means he will pay, but it’s condescending and unpleasant. “May I take you out to…” could be replaced with “Would you want to go to…”. Hopefully, you’re dating an adult who is going somewhere with you; she isn’t being taken there. I drive the Kid to school or the doctor’s office. She is not being escorted to a restaurant.

At the restaurant

Dining in restaurants is the most prevalent occasion in which money is required. There are so many “don’ts” here. This is a partial list of things that a man should never do in a restaurant 


wineWine might be difficult to understand. When choosing a bottle from a large wine selection, costs might vary greatly. As a woman, if you have great wine knowledge, you can inquire if you may select the wine. Don’t forget to ask your partner for broad preferences and then select a modestly priced bottle; this way, your partner is not responsible for selecting a bottle of wine and doesn’t risk appearing cheap by selecting a low-cost bottle. Your date, on the other hand, is unlikely to be that polished. As a man, you should ask her about her tastes, then choose a bottle that you can afford and run it by her. It would be exceedingly improper for her to make an absurd suggestion instead.


If you have the car valet-parked, make sure you have an acceptable tip amount in cash on hand (no fumbling). Allow her to tip the valet if she drove. The rule is that whoever drives pays for parking or tips the valet. You want to be brave without being obnoxious. In a similar vein, if your date insists on paying for dinner (especially if it isn’t your first date), kindly allow her to do so; don’t start yanking the check from her hand and arguing. Also, don’t throw a stack of cash in front of her for your alleged share! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, In fact, cash should never be exchanged in a dating situation.


Gift-giving is another area where money is involved. What do you do when it’s someone’s birthday and you haven’t known them for very long? You’d want to get her something, but you’re not sure what she’d appreciate. So, why not take her to a store and let her choose anything she likes? That sounds like a fantastic plan, right? No! This is a dreadful plan. She is limited by your budget, which she is unaware of. Does she examine price tags and wait for your reaction? Is she merely inquiring? It’s quite inconvenient! Then there’s the added pressure of choosing something she thinks you’ll appreciate as well. What if she doesn’t like anything or is an unusually large person (like myself) who feels compelled to find something? Following that, there’s the assumption that you’ll want to see her wear it. Instead, send her flowers and a bottle of wine (if she likes wine). Also, plan a lovely meal. Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of flowers? It is not necessary for gifts to be practical.

Coocking and shopping

You decide to cook together and head to the supermarket to do your shopping first. There’s no reason to oppose her if the supper is at her house and she starts paying at the supermarket. If you wish to pay, do so as soon as possible before she can get her card out. But don’t try to divide the stuff or pay her back for something you picked up at random (say you needed a toothbrush). Do not attempt to exchange your stuff for cash. Someone once forced cash into my handbag at a store; it was strange, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. Simply express your gratitude and keep in mind that no cash will be exchanged.


Another issue on these early dates is coming up with interesting discussion topics. Money is a bad topic to bring up in any situation. It’s not suitable to discuss your salary, your mortgage, the cost of your car, how many children support you pay, or anything else that entails exposing specific figures. These are themes for later in a relationship, when there is a lot more intimacy. Money topics become unavoidable as relationships develop, and they seamlessly find their way into conversations and activities. But, until that happens naturally, it’s best to stay away from the money and just enjoy the relationship.


As you may see, money means a lot even in dating. However, there is nothing complicated or scary about this. You just have to remember a few simple rules, be polite, and genuine. The truth is that if you really like each other, it doesn’t really matter how much money you get or what you can afford. Just be who you are and do your best to impress your partner. Don’t forget about these rules and keep it simple!