20 Topic to Discuss With Your Crush!

Do you feel uncomfortable when you try to speak with a girl? Find up 20 intriguing subjects and have a pleasant discussion with a female you like. They are really anxious when guys are in love to speak with a female that they admire. Even if she likes it a lot, and there is sufficient chance to talk to or communicate with her, they fear expressing their feelings to the lady of their choice. Many males utilize their charm and immediately after they meet a female they flirt wildly. This method only works if the female is impressive, or if the girls merely flirt. You have to attempt these subjects if you want to leave a pleasant or serious feeling for the female you adore. Here you may discuss some fascinating subjects with the female you met on Facebook or directly.

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1. What’s her passion?

It might be hard for a man to come up with a subject that he can discuss with the lady he loves. But talking about her passion may be an exciting beginning to continue your friendship with her. You may encourage a girl to speak about this issue and support her to pursue her interest further when she tells you what she enjoys the most. When her love is gardening, for example, you may take your child to a kindergarten that she likes and help her to select plants of her choice.

2. Ask about her family

Every girl loves to chat with her parents, her siblings, and friends. So she may also speak about her family when you chat to her about family values and culture. It also gives you an indication of the female you like is your kind, traditional or modern, and if you continue the relationship your family will affect your life together.

3. Have she ever done something crazy?

Though it’s quite humorous, your female is surely going to open warmly if you ask her what she’s done or wants to do. Tell your girl, if she is timid if she doesn’t want to speak, that her honest outpour does not please you or detest her. Once she starts talking about the wildest things in her life, you may think of playing a game and everybody comes up and does something insane one by one.

4. Talk about the sense of life and life aims

You may speak about spirituality and philosophy with the female you like when you’ve just begun dating. You may also talk about these subjects on social media if you met on Facebook. You can quickly determine if you’re compatible or not while talking about these subjects with your girl. It is also a means to grasp how her view of life is and what else.

5. Touch the theme of love

Everybody in love wishes to talk about romance and love, and this subject may always be used to romances and interest your connection with your girl. When you attempt hard to make a certain female such as you, you should talk about love to tell her what you anticipate exactly.

6. Get to know if she is an adventure-type person

You can talk of it jointly if your girl loves to travel or is enthusiastic about adventures and hiking. Very few people don’t like traveling. So you can always speak about where you girl would love to go and so forth if you want your chat on Facebook to become more engaging.

7. The naughtiest experience of her life

You can chat with the female you like about her sexual experiences in the bedroom if your relationship goes well. The odds are better for her to give you the truth if you have a close friendship. But it’s usually preferable to speak with the female before you get intimate about such topics.

8. Learn about the dreams of your crush

Yes, it’s quite vital that you talk about her particular dreams with your partner. Of course, it’s a dream. But she won’t share it with anybody she’s met. Only if she believes you’re exceptional would she talk about it. Your girl will also be opening up her visions, dreams, and passions when you chat to her about her dreams.

9. Does she know how to seduce a person?

Women like to talk continuously about love and seduction. If then, you tell her you to want to seduce and give her a few ideas during the debate, your girl is likely to be fascinated and invite you to a night coffee that will definitely lead to something wonderful.

10. Let’s share some secrets

On her first date, no lady is going to tell about her worst secrets. But naturally, she immediately feels an emotional connection with you if you are interested in her secrets and asks about them. You may always tell her certain secrets and chat about them so that your daughter feels comfortable with her and shows her most important secrets.

11. Don’t forget to discuss hobbies

You’ve got a lot to know and speak with each other when you first met on Facebook. You may always ask her hobbies and hence propose different things to her. For example, if it is her pleasure to read, you can always offer her many current novels based on the sort of literature she enjoys. Her activities will also show her thinking which might be a guide for you to move further.

12. It’s also a great idea to talk about films

Films are an issue everybody wants to speak about. You can specify the film names you want to view. You can name some of them for example, if she likes to watch horror films and perhaps propose the two of you watch together. It is one of the most romantic methods to create a bond as you two speak about the film and its narrative.

13. Which music is better?

Who isn’t interested in music? For one or two musicians or pop singers, each female has a sweet place. See what your girl wants. Find out what she wants. Does it enjoy jazz, or does it favor pop dancing? Knowing your taste will enable you to continue the debate while you talk to a cup of coffee or chat on a cell phone on Facebook about different singers and bands.

14. Who is your favorite celebrity?

Hollywood stars and celebrities are idolized by girls. They also adore gossiping about them, about their fitness and their love affairs. So you may always chat to your girl about famous people and Hollywood stars. She surely likes to talk of her favorite stars and your daughter will chat about them if you tell her some unique secrets.

15. Remember good old days

Memories of children are very important to the heart and everybody enjoys talking about them. Would you like to join your girl? Encourage her, her most important schoolmates and so on to chat about her childhood days. It’s also a terrific approach to better understand each other’s past. This is one of the frequent subjects to start a discussion. You may use it to begin a conversation. You may simply go on from this to deeper discussions.

16. Bedroom details and prefernces

By discussing the things your girl likes to do, you can always make the romantic date intimate. Ask your girl immediately and she is really keen to chat with you about this sensitive issue. A man might open his girl to chat about what she likes and hates in the bedroom, only thinking about being personal with.

17. Say something nice and pleasant

A girl’s compliments might be one of the finest methods to begin up a discussion. If you enjoy your outfit or hairdo, she’ll be warmer for you and will start to chat with you. Girls always enjoy it when they are loved by their partners or loves.

18. Job is an important theme

A girl’s compliments might be one of the finest methods to begin up a discussion. If you enjoy your outfit or hairdo, she’ll be warmer for you and will start to chat with you. Girls always enjoy it when they are loved by their partners or loves.

19. Where to spend weekends?

The women today are career workers and prefer this when their husbands talk about occupations and respect their attitude to their jobs. When you ask her questions about her work, her objectives, and her goals you can always anticipate a female to open warmly.

20. Learn more about her preferences

What is an important component of a romance? Of course flowers, chocolates, and fragrance. So, if you chat to your girl about such things, it’s a method to know her taste so you may give her something and make her feel how much you like her.


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Now you must understand that being a great conversationalist makes someone else a mirror. It’s not here to search blindly for a subject that you want to speak to the girl. It is important to know how to generate a feeling that is exciting about a topic. It is also about knowing how to lead the talk to themes on which they want to talk. When the female you chat to sees your true interest in her life, she will be invigorated. She will also recall how you felt when talking about the things she loves. You must thus remember the above-mentioned subjects. Make an aware effort to use your speech abilities at the same time. You will observe the change and start talking to the female you want.