What should you do after a first date
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What to Do After a First Date?

First dates are always exciting. Everyone feels a bit nervous when it’s time to meet a match for the first time. Usually, both partners take a lot of time to get prepared for the first date. But now, let’s imagine that your first date is over. What to do after the first date? What steps should you take? Let’s consider this issue.


Important stages of a post-first-date period 


As your first date is over, it is most likely that you try to analyze each word and gesture. This may lead to a vicious circle in your head. Moreover, people usually feel anxious after the first date. Partners are filled with emotions. In this case, it is important to have a person to talk to. This is the right time to call your bosom friend and discuss your first date with him/her.

This step is perfect for you. Firstly, it is an excellent way to let off steam. Secondly, your friend can analyze the situation from another angle and open your eyes to some facts that eluded your attention. Thirdly, you can recall all moments of the date once again and notice something you didn’t pay attention to at that moment. 

Attitude towards your partner

When you coped with post-first-date excitement and emotions, it’s the right time to decide for yourself whether you like your partner. You should find out whether this person has the features that are important for you. Answer such questions as:

Spend some time alone with yourself and find answers to these questions in your head.

Making contact

As you’re done with processing your first date and finding answers, it’s time to get in touch. In any case, it is polite to send a text message to your partner. Usually, people thank each other for a date and spending a lovely time together. Such a message is a standard option, although it can also help develop further communication. The message is the perfect moment to express your intention to meet your partner once again if you want to. Moreover, texting after the first date concerns not only men; women can also send such messages and hint at one more date.

Who initiates the second date?

Now, we come to one of the most important and contradictory questions. Each couple faces one and the same question: who should get in touch first and ask for the second date? 

This issue has two points of view. People are traditionally divided into two groups:

While men are considered to be straightforward, and they do not hide their desires, they can ask a woman for the second date. However, there are men who are afraid of being rejected. They want a woman to give some clear signs that his initiative will be accepted. In this case, women from the first group have no chances, as they will wait for the first steps from the men’s side. It’s all about psychology.

Still, women from the second group may seem two persistent to men and scare them.

Where is a golden middle? Here is one simple answer. Women know lots of flirting techniques by nature. For instance, she can text after the first date to thank for a lovely pastime but appoint no second date. Thus, if a woman wants to take initiative in her hands but not to clearly ask a partner for a date, she can hint at her favor. As a result, an encouraged man will be sure that his feelings are mutual, and the second date won’t become a surprise.

To conclude, answering the above-raised question, you should take into account your and your match’s characters and personalities.

One more tricky question is the following: how long after the first date should you wait to ask for the second one? As we have already found out, both partners should take time to analyze the first date, discuss it with friends or other close people. Usually, it is polite to write a thankful message the evening after the date. You can either continue communication and hint at the next date or wait several days. Here, the main thing is the way in which communication between partners develops. If you feel that your match is ready, you can ask for the second date just the same evening. If it is not, chat for a while.

It’s a relationship, not a race

If you want to cultivate a serious relationship, it is advisable to stick to some general rules. Just take time and enjoy every moment. Relations are not a race. It is not a game either. You do not have to try to break some of your records from previous relationships. Let things develop as they go; do not hurry.

Most frequently, this advice relates to sexual activity. Numerous research has proven that those couples who have sex later are more successful in building a strong and reliable relationship. Further, their family life is more positive and lively.

In any case, when you chat with girls or boys be yourself and do not pretend too much. It is obvious that all of us try to show their best sides, but it is important not to overdo them. Remember that your frank communication and sincere attitude will show your intentions the best way possible.

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