What is better for communicating with a girl – mail or chat
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What is better for communicating with a girl – mail or chat

The modern ways of communication offer us too many channels to express our thoughts and feelings. But herein lies the challenge to choose the most suitable one.Β 

Many web platforms and websites offer spaces for the topical forums, chatting, messaging, etc. Thematic dating sites use all the modern online trends. On the dating platform you are free to use the chatting room for the video calls or simple messaging, plus email your partners. Speaking about online communication it becomes even more crucial. The person should understand you properly. From the other side, you need to express the things right way yourself plus the channel of communication should transmit it entirely.Β 

So what to choose from the email and charts when you are dating online?

Advantages of both types of communication

Using these both channels on the websites you can really reach the partner from any point of the World. Both methods will help you attract attention or send a nice statement, offer, joke etc.Β When you look for the ladies to start communication, send the messages to begin. After the answers, you can agree about the time of video calls. Somebody prefers to write an essential letter for the lady where she can read all the description and interests in one place. To sum up you can use both of the channels for the beginning of communication with a person. Later intuitional you will find the most suitable but here are more details about them.

Video chatting on the web platform

To continue communication we would recommend you video chat because it can show you more information about the persons you are speaking with. We mean their reaction. All the things we do spread the mood and emotions which our partners receive via the intonation, expressions of the mood, and body language. Here lies the most important thing that we see and know about the person.Β  The matter is people can tell us what they want to show. Meanwhile, the inner world of the person may be hidden behind the email or messaging. Here on the video, you can notice all the subtle nuances, features of the character and reaction of the girls. It is very important to understand the person you want to connect your life with.Β Β 

That is why online communication is a very important step for successful family creation. The specialist recommends to ask more questions to know the partner. You should prepare a list of deep topics to communicate about. They should help you understand what the partner wants in the future, is she ready for the long term connection, etc.

In the video you can express more without writing. And maybe the most crucial point is that video calls make the meeting real as if you met somewhere in the restaurant, street, apartment. Here people are real and react to the questions and words more spontaneously. This way the truth will be seen. Your task to know deeper the person and understand her pitfalls inside. However, for this purpose more time can be needed. You should be ready to live with these features of your future wife. Video chatting is a great thing for the preliminary knowing your future soulmate, you can mix all the methods when you got the notion about your partner. After this, you are advised to meet in reality for the mutual experience.Β 

The benefits of email communication

Email communication has some pluses as well. You can prepare one essential description of yourself to send to the girls. After composing just send it to the correspondents.Β  It gives the charm of old letters times when people sent only post letters to others. Use it for the first impression creation. Another positive moment is time-saving when you physically can’t chat online due to work or other activities. But you should be sure the emotions you are putting into the letter are the same the reader gets.Β  As far as the recipient doesn’t see you the result can be starkly different. When somebody reads your letter the imagination helps to create the picture but it is not the same as the reality sometimes.

Why chatting is better

In the first stage all the ways of communication are useful and suitable. You can mix them for some new emotions. However further you are advised to use video call for sure. Just an email way of communication can undermine your success. People want to know more about you and your real life. Online calls and video sessions can give us this opportunity.Β 

To know and see the reaction of the partner to your letter or suggestion no doubt real chat is better. People can leave many things behind the letters and messages. Plus the mood of the letter from the author can be accepted another way by the recipient.


To summarize all the said above to start your communication any way on the platform. Be polite and interested in the partner. After some time set a day and time of the chatting. It helps you really understand the partner, strengthen the authority, and lead to successful relations.

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