How to use search filters on our site
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How to use search filters on our site

What filters are on our site

We are dating online platform for the people to change their lives. The DateJasmin platform is glad to greet you and help to look for the real soulmate among numerous Slavic beauties. You are free to find a Slavic wife by the help of our website which really works connecting the lonely lives of people. Don’t worry if you are here for the first time. 

The service is really user friendly and easy for access and communication. Moreover, our specialist can help with any questions as well. The beauties were invited to the website, have created the photo sessions, and are waiting for you. The company has gathered a wide database for the clients so you will be in a hard position to look and read them all.  

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For this purpose, the platform has a special tool called search filter.  To use the search function go to the Search settings. Here you can apply special filters to select important options for you (age, region, interests, etc.) and click Search.

Filter by nationality 

This filter helps you to choose the country or nation of girls. DateJasmin works with a few Slavic countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and others. You may choose one of them. We recommend using further types of filters as far as girls from all the Slavic countries are known as kind and beautiful ladies. They all are family-oriented from childhood due to the national upbringing.

Filter by age

You can use a suitable age filter to set the limits of ages. 

Filter by interests

Here you should be more interested because specialists recommend looking for the people who share your passions and hobbies. Start from the mutual things which will connect you with your future girlfriend like biking, dancing, lying on the beach, reading books, music concerts, etc.

Here are more extended functions of the search for your convenience. You are free to choose by body type, hair color, alcohol and smoking attitude, languages and eye color. However, you should remember the fewer filters you specify, the more search results you get.

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By status (Divorced, Interracial, Spiritual, Vegetarian etc)

Search the girls by the status filter. Here are more interesting options like vegetarian, spiritual, interracial for the wide choice of close-minded people to look for. The classical marital status search is also available on the web platform.

All the candidates on the dating platform are verified by the passport and we also moderate the accounts. The girls have prepared special photo albums for the private and open albums. Our specialist also has interviews with all of the ladies to be ready for the new communications, meetings, and new people. They are ready for the new life with you and like the idea to change the country to be together.

We recommend you to choose the most suitable candidates for you and start communication online. You will be free to use several channels to communicate, send pictures, have video calls. It is a great opportunity to choose and meet a real soulmate far from your native city. You can communicate at most suitable hours for you and your girlfriends. There are no limits in time or distance with us. Search by filters and develop relations with girls. Start from the question, joke or some offer. Be as polite as you can to make the communication as pleasant as easy. Remember to use jokes to make it more comfortable and light. The girls are surely worrying for the first steps and meetings.  Build the connection and let it grow. Online communication is the greatest stage to know each other better and sieve the most suitable candidates for you. Remember to ask more questions about the interests and hobbies of the girls. Discuss the most important topics for future mutual life. You should feel the mutual readiness for the new happy life, have common purposes, intentions about the place of living, etc.

Your main goal is to understand the partner you have chosen for future life, learn her inner world, and be ready to live with these features. The secret of happy connection development is much communication and work on relationship building. 

On the dating platform you are free to use the chatting rooms for the video calls or simple messaging, plus email your partners.  Speaking about online communication it becomes even more crucial because the person should understand you properly. From the other side, you need to express the things right way yourself plus the channel of communication should transmit it entirely.

Prepare for the meeting with the lady of your choice in reality. For this period a wise idea will be an implementation of your plans and preparations discussed on the previous online dating stage.  Online choice with following recognizing each other will do a good job for mutual reality. Take the most of this preparation period. Pre-plan your meetings and what you want to do, where to go, what to see.

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The lonely Slavic beauties are waiting for you to make their dreams come true. We have prepared the bonuses for the ratings and nice presents.  Read the main info about subscription plans, choose the best for you to have access to the ladies as much as you need.  Our company has an open policy for the clients, a transparent payment system, and cares about the usability of the service 24 hours per day. You are supposed to use it with the time schedules you have set with the ladies. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask our online support service.  The company has created instructions  and we will help you with online consultations. Feel free to contact as for the questions. Plus the dating web platform thinks about your safety of communication too. DateJasmin uses special protocols of protection as well as 24 hours of technical support always tracks for the correct work of the website.


To find a Slavic wife by the help of our website use the search function with suitable filters of search. The database is too wide for the manual looking through so we recommend sieving the results. From the other side remember the fewer filters you specify, the more search results you get. 

Start from the mutual interests with the ladies to get the number of persons to communicate with. Use the filter for the mutual things which will connect you with your future girlfriend like biking, dancing, lying on the beach, reading books, music concerts, etc.

You should develop the communication with the girls more close to you by interests, hobbies, and passions as far as it will greatly connect you during the mutual life. Of course, you can use any other filter or method for the future wife search.  We recommend you to communicate much to prepare for future meetings offline. Build the relationship starting from the online stage via messages, email, chatting, and video calls. Take the most of this preparation period. Pre-plan your meetings and what you want to do, where to go, what to see. You can take the ideas from mutual interests. 

For example plan the journey if you both adore the traveling and active holidays, visit the mountains to ski or relaxed holiday near the fire in the cozy cottage. Will you cook some masterpiece together or go to the restaurant for the inspiration. Do you want to visit some seaside and swim or rent a yacht for a couple of weeks’ exotic voyage? The plans can be prepared beforehand to save time later and even costs. 

Discuss all the important topics for your future life. Here the interests and purposes will play the main part. The important thing is to feel your mutual readiness for future life together. During this time you are advised to understand the hidden features of your girlfriend. You should be ready to live with these items. Thus you can get the real notion of future life together. 

However, for successful family online communication is just a preliminary stage. Before you go to the real meeting you should do a really big job by searching, sieving the candidates, knowing the people closer and better. Prepare to give this process all your free time. It demands energy and emotions and gives you real feelings and even enjoyment from the romantic discussions, flirty chats, and great plans. 

Start this wonderful activity on our comfortable website. We have done a great job to bring the most interesting lovely Slavic girls to the platform. Go to the website and start the search. Choose the matches for you and find out who of them are your favorites. We wish you a great time and interesting dates. 

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